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Having always been terrified of heights I have always had a bizarre urge to push myself to do a skydive. I am finally going to be jumping from 14000feet on November 1st after agreeing to do this to raise monies for ADHD Action. As a consultant psychiatrist working in an Adult ADHD service, I am only too aware of the struggles that those with ADHD can experience through their lifespan and the vital need for greater awareness across education, employment, criminal justice and health so that ADHD is recognised and those with ADHD and their families are supported. Getting an ADHD assessment often takes months or even years sitting on waiting lists, and that is if there is a local service - in many areas there are not any services. ADHD Action may only have been active for a couple of weeks but down to Michelle Becketts inspiration, energy and enthusiasm it has gathered incredible momentum and support, and is campaigning for an ADHD Act which would be a massive step in improving the present status quo for ADHD awareness and provision in the UK. Please see for more info. Please support me facing a crazy challenge and in the meantime support ADHD Action in reaching its goals in helping so many children, adults and their families who have ADHD in the UK.

ADHD Action

ADHD Action

ADHD Action was founded after experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of awareness and patchy or non-existent provision can have on individuals and families. Considering ADHD affects 5% of children and 2.5% of adults, the burden to society across health (including mental, sexual, addiction); education; criminal justice ... Read More

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